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Rudy is such a joy! He is extremely good natured, easy to please and very affectionate. He is fearless of other dogs or humans and he has been referred to as a "big" dog in a "little" dogs body!He is frisky and loves to play. He runs like a champion racer! He is very devoted to his owner and will follow me everywhere. He has a hardy appetite and loves his treats. Maltese, in my opinion, are the prettiest companion dog anyone could have. Their hair is beautiful and long and they don't shed!They are also very intelligent and when you talk to them, they tilt their head in concentration. They are full of expression, love and beauty!

Just wanted you to know that the girls have decided to name Mya "Aimee" b/c it means "Beloved Friend"!The girls were in total shock!Vanessa (#3 -- 9 years old) was the first to notice that I was holding something.She came quietly, and asked whose she was. Then Virginia (#4 -- 7 years old) came and just kept saying, 'oh, he's so cute!'. Then Victoria (#2 -- 13 years old) came over and after a second she said, "Did you get us a puppy?!?!?!" They never screamed, or got wild, so it was a great transition! Aimee was happy and excited, and ran between the 5 of us while Dan videoed! She ate and drank a bit, and used her 'paper'. Virginia said "This is the best day of my life!!!!!" We set up the play yard in the family room, and put the crate in it, with the door open. She loves to go in there and snuggle when she gets tired or overwhelmed. She slept in our room. She had fallen asleep in the crate, so I put that in the port-a-crib with the door open, at the foot of our bed, and she slept very well! Today she is playing some, and taking breaks in her crate. We showed her how to get in and out of the play yard. We can keep it open for her when we are with her, so that she can feel free togo in and take a break. The girls are madly in love! I hope this makes you feel a bit better. I felt so bad taking her away.... But I think she will be really happy once she gets settled.
Best, Nancy

Hi Marilyn,
She is doing great! She is so sweet. Everyone loves her. She LOVES being outside--runs all thru the grass!

Hi Marilyn,
I just want to drop a line to say that Opie, George and I are getting along tremendously. Opie bonded very quickly and I must say we are one very happy family. Opie and I have enrolled in puppy school and we are learning so much. He really is a smart little guy and training is progressing well. He is all that we expected and wanted. He seems very happy and is very loving.
He is our perfect little puppy. Thanks for everything.

Hi Marilyn,
Just wanted to touch base and let you know that Sabrina is wonderful. We went and bought some supplies last night and others I have ordered over the internet so she's all set with most everything she needs. I'll be in touch soon with some photos. Looking forward to hearing from you when you have a minute.

Hi Marilyn,
This is Pam--we bought a puppy from you one week ago today. We just wanted to give you an update. He's doing fantastic!
The first few nights he cried and cried--even right next to our bed. But we quickly found out that if I place one of my t-shirts in his bed and play the radio quietly, he snuggles right down without a peep all night--and has done that every night since. So he is well rested.
He's been eating great right from the get-go. We've kept him on the Chicken Soup puppy food (we found a retailer nearby) and I have also bought the adult dog Chicken soup food and have combined the two. A few days a week I give him some canned food--Triumph brand (no bi products).
The first few days he went potty on his pee-pee pads (with a few accidents here and there around the house as he adjusted to his new territory) and then he somehow figured out that he'd rather go potty outside. So we attached some "poochie bells" (a strip of jingle bells) to the back door and now he goes to the back door and rings the bells to go outside and go potty! We are amazed at how quickly he picked this up--without barely any effort from us!
He has a wonderful temperament--he clearly was well socialized and well adjusted. He loves belly rubs and is getting used to me grooming him. My girls are very gentle with him and he just loves them.
I hope to drop you a line every so often on his progress. Please feel free to use any of this email on your web site as a testimonial (with my name removed) as to how pleased we have been with our new puppy. We would recommend you as a breeder to anyone looking for a Maltese of their own.
Take care & Happy Holidays!
Peter, Pam, Annika, Amelia & the new puppy "Ollie"

Hi Marilyn,
Just a couple more pictures of Opie.
I have to tell you once again, he is perfect! He is very attentive and smart and has already learned many commands. He is now 5-1/2 months old. I can’t tell you how much joy he has brought into our home. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Dear Marilyn,
We want you to know that the puppy is doing fine and adjusting very well. We all just adore her and she seems to be having lots of fun. She truly is a blessing and we are so thankful to have her. Yesterday we took her to Revere to bring my Grandmother to her daughter's house for Christmas. My Aunt Connie fell in love with her. No matter where we go people just love her. She's precious. My Grandmother named her Sarina. She told me that's a beautiful name in Italian. When my Grandmother who is 97 yrs. old saw her she immediately fell in love with her. She just loves to cuddle.
Thank you so much. This little one has brought such joy in our home. I do have one question. I know you said that they eat 1 tablespoon of food but is that for the whole day? I don't want to over feed her.
I pray that this holiday season will be a joyous and prosperous one for you and your family. and the New Year you will bring you health and happiness. May God Bless you and your family
Gary, Tina, Derek, Sarah & Grandma

Hello Marilyn,
We just wanted to let you know that Brady (we haven't changed his name yet) is doing very well here! He's having lots of fun playing around, learning to sit, and learning to stand on his hind legs. He's doing very well going outside, and seems to like our walks. He's very friendly and curious about the cats too.
Just wanted to give you an update. Have fun with all the other little puppies!
We'll send pictures soon :)
Ben and Tina

Hi Marilyn,
Puppy (Ty) is wonderful. He and my mom make quite the pair.