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This is Kaitlin, Haley's mom, from the dog store in West Boylston. Haley is still doing great! She has a summer haircut to keep her nice and cool, and she looks really cute!!! I already have big plans for her birthday! My roommates dog Lulu was born a month apart from Haley, so we're going to have a joint birthday party for the two girls in january, we already bought the decorations and invitations ha ha Haley is such a happy girl and just gets love all day everyday, and gives so much love back. She has such a fun personality, her favorite thing to do is to find like a little piece of fuzz, or a sock, and throw it in the air, then lay down in the play position, and prance all around it and then go for the full attack, she does this sometimes for a good 30 minutes, and all I do is laugh and laugh. I am also writing because a good friend of mine just lost both of her dogs in july, one to cancer, and one in a horrible accident, and she came into the store crying, and told us what happenned, and I told her when she was ready I would help her find another dog. She is looking for a nonshedder, she had a bichon and a maltipoo before. It doesn't matter if it's a male or female. I didn't know if you had any pups or knew of anyone that had any for around $300. She's my age, and with all the vet bills she had, 300 is all she can do right now. I really appreciate it Marilyn, I tell everyone about you and how wonderful you are, I actually gave another person your number and website on saturday! I can't wait to get another puppy! It's an addiction ha ha I am constantly on your site looking at the puppies pictures.
Hope all is well!

Hi Marilyn:
How are you? Max is doing great and loves playing on the lawn in the backyard. He loves to bark and chase birds and squirrels.
I noticed that he has dark patches on his skin. Is this because he likes to play outside? I wanted to get your take on this, before I make an appointment to see his doctor.
My niece, Nadine bought one of your puppies recently as a birthday gift to her mom. His name is Zack and he is also very adorable. She is planning on getting a Yorkshire Terrier for her kids soon.
Looking forward to hearing from you.

Will do and I will send you some pictures. We do love him. It would be hard not to. We bring him everywhere and people just think he is so cute. They can't believe how little he is.
Take Care!

Subject: Lil' Miss Lu Lu
From: Rebecca
What a difference a day makes! Lu Lu is bouncing all over the place! She hops and hops and hops. Her tongue hangs out as she runs just as fast as she can. She is still nervous about being picked up - almost like she is afraid of height or afraid of being dropped. I think this will just take time as she learns to trust us.
This morning she greeted me with a little "hello" bark, followed with "now, get me out of here." She is eating and drinking very well. Last night when I announced it was "nightie night" time. I tucked her in her bed. She snuggled right in and I didn't hear a peep out of her until this morning when I got up. It is so cool to know that she can get up and pee during the night without waking me. Why didn't I train Miss Muffet this way???
Miss Muffet is pretending that she doesn't exist. I think she is hoping she is going to go back from where she came from. Lu Lu tries and tries to get her to play and Miss Muffet just looks at her like she is a bother. I am hoping they become buddies in time.
I am so very impressed with her pee pad training. She will stop in the middle of playing, find her pad and use it! We can't get over it. Also, she has pawed at the door to go out when she needed to poop! I am going to get some of the bells to hang on the door.
She really is smart and so cute. No one can resist her. I do believe she is settling in quite fine.

Hi Marilyn,
Where do I begin..........This little babydoll is so adorable. It only took one day to take over the household ! I took her to the vet on Saturday, he said she was fine. I set up an appt. for her 2nd distemper shot in 2 weeks. I found everything on your list. There is a holistic pet shop near me where I purchased Innova and Prairie food. They had puppy cookies all natural product They also have bully sticks. Misty has had great, firm bowel movements. She doens't eat that much but her poop is good size !.
Well the crating didn't work, so Jazz and Misty slept on my bed. The first night was awful because I was awake all night watching to see if Jazz would bite her or she would fall off the bed, on the contrary, Jazz ignored her and she slept beside him. So cute....She does test him because she is so spunky and he would rather sleep but she sticks up for herself when Jazz reacts and puts her in her place. For the littlest pup in the litter she has no fears, I think she will be the alpha dog! When I spoke to you on Friday, she didn't venture out of the livingroom where her playpen is and now, watch out...........She runs all over the first level and looks out the French door in my kitchen, with Jazz. I took Jazz out and left her in her playpen for about a half an hour and she was fine when I returned. I don't think she will get hypoglicemic if stressed she has enough reserve.She doesn't get stressed even at the vet, she was fine. She is totaly potty trained, It took one day, she is so smart. I'm training her to sit and give me her paw.
My vet uses the general anesthesia that you recommended and he doesn't use barbituates.
I will keep in touch.

Hi Marilyn
Yes he is very sweet he is getting along just fine we do love him so does Sam Rudi Ray Rose and Gee Gee (my herd)
Thanks again

Hi Marilyn,
It was nice finally getting to meet you last Friday. I wanted to give you an update on Dash. When we brought him home, I hid him in my jacket so the girls couldn't see him. When he popped out..and he showed that adorable little face, both of my girls were brought to tears. They were so overwhelmed at having this new adorable puppy and he now has 2 additional mothers.
He was fantastic in the car, just sat on my lap the whole way home. He is doing great with his pee pee pad. We set up a little area in our family room where he has his food, a place to sleep and his pee pad. He is not too fond of being in it, and carries on a bit, but hopefully over the next week he will get used to it. He is also doing well at night.
He is just a love and I cannot thank you enough. So far, he is eating, drinking and being an adorable puppy. I will keep you posted on his progress as he gets used to our home and family.

Subject: Sophia!
Hi Marilyn,
Knowing how much you love all your puppies I thought I would give you an update. Sophia is doing so well, maybe a little spoiled? Hahaha! When we got home she flattened out on my daughter's bed and shook a little. Half an hour later it was like she had always been here! She is so happy!! She has never been alone more than 2 hours. We are also following your instructions to a 't'. Sophia LOVES's so wonderful to see. My husband is almost silly around her! She has fit into the household 100 times better and quicker than I could ever have expected. We all just love her!
Thank you again for preparing us so well and giving us such a great puppy. I'll drop a line once in awhile to let you know how she is doing.
Thanks again,

Hi Marilyn,
Today is Sophie's birthday so I thought I would share some birthday photos.
We just love her so much!!!!

Hi Marilyn,
I will definitely send you some pictures. He is such a love, and such a good boy. We absolutely adore him!

Hi Marilyn,
Bella is doing great. She is pretty much all house trained. She loves playing fetch with her favorite toy. She gives the kids lots of kisses when they come home from school. She loves her dog food and is an excellent eater. She is so sweet and very playful. Hope all is well with you!

Subject: Re: Sophie's first birthday
Thanks Marilyn,
I'm so glad you liked the pictures. I will definately keep the food in mind. I just got a sample of Evo red meat small bite from a new pet store near me (Your healthy pet), she seems to really like it and its all grain free, 4 different proteins, apples, etc. She seems to have no problem with it also (normal poop).
We just love her so much, she is such a joy. Such a great personality and temperment. It's so funny, when we take her places, like the other day I had her in a shopping cart at Home Depot and John and I were looking at kitchen sinks, when we looked over at the cart, there were 5 people making the biggest fuss over her. I call her a rock star! She is just a people magnet. Everyone goes absolutely crazy over her.
Please feel free to post her pictures on your site and I'll keep you updated.
Take care,

Funny we thought that might be him. She looks like him :)
Are all your new pup sold? If not I will let people know you have a litter of Yorkies available.
ps We are so happy Leah came from you after all we now know about breeders and buying a puppy

Subject: more Daisy photos
To: <>
Thought you'd like to see these recent shots. Can you feel the bonding here!! And I didn't even pose them. The ones sitting together were how they actually sit most of the time.
And notice who gets the "princess" cushion in front of the fire now. That used to be Emily's cushion. Emily is so nice to her and I am so glad. That was kind of a worry before I made the decision to adopt her. They even eat from the same dish, although I have a separate dish for each! They clean one and move on to the other.
And she has gained weight in these three weeks since she came here. She is up to 2 pounds 4 ounces!!. Eats all the time. Likes the Innova too.
She had her exam to get the distemper shot last week, at 12 weeks. The vet said she was still just a little small and wants to wait another 4 weeks, so we have an appointment for the Monday before Christmas. He said she was smaller than any Maltese he had seen at her age...and asked me if she was really three whole months! He is a respected vet and was only joking when he said that. The technicians were awww-ing all over her. She is a perfect size for Emily and me!
And he is going to order the Galaxy especially for her ( he uses something else, but said he wanted to keep her on the same brand) and he is going to follow your directions for any of the other stuff you sent home with me. He also said that the soft spot on her head was something he usually sees in Chihuauas, and had not seen it on a Maltese. He said, because of its size on that little head, he would watch it and watch for any signs of a future problem, not that he expects any. He also said to tell you that it is NOT a major concern for him at this time.
And Daisy has gotten stronger and is beginning to acquire an attitude too! You can almost tell that by the second shot, "will you please hurry up?" And the next one with the mouth open..."if you don't get this thing off my neck, I will bite you."
The two of them play tug-of-war together with the toys, and she runs like the wind chasing Emily, and then they turn around and zoom around the house chasing each other. There has never been any growling or anger between the two of them, even feeding together. They drink water from the same bowl at the same time too. If Emily is drinking, Daisy runs over and drinks too. She really has bonded to Emily. It is so cute to watch.
I will send more shots if you want, periodically. I just love her and so does Emily. Hope your Thanksgiving was a special one.

Hi Marilyn!
Daisy and Emily are so bonded now. They do everything together and play all the time. Daisy weighed in at two pounds, four ounces on my postal scale today.
She has the best personality, very lovingand not so brave though. She still runs under the bed when someone comes to the door (delivery) and Emily barks. And she loves her tummy rubbed.

Hi Marilyn,
My husband and I purchased a puppy from you two years ago. He (Brady) is healthy and doing great. We love him sooooo much. I didnt think it was even possible. I can only imagine what it is like for you and all the dogs! He has such a great personality. He loves to play, and then when he is tired, loves to curl up beside us for a nap.
We have started to talk about getting another puppy so I just wanted to look into it a little bit. We would like to get a female this time. Do males and females get along ok? What about if there are three dogs? My parents just adopted a maltese and when I go on vacation or spend a night away, my mother watches Brady. I just want to make sure that 3 dogs tend to get along ok.
Do you have females available now? Do you have any other litters coming up, like maybe towards the beginning of the summer? How much are the females?
Let me know!
Thanks again for Brady! You breed such adorable puppies.

This is what he looks like now!
I had his hair cut short recently. I think I like it better on the shorter side!
But when i get one of your girls I will need the long hair for her pretty bows!
Hope to see you soon, Marilyn. Mio misses you!
Have a good christmas!

Hi Marilyn -
Just wanted to check in with you and let you know that the pup is doing great. We re-named her Bella and she already comes when called. As you said she is quite smart (and spirited too). She is very comfortable and has taken over the house in addition to turning it into a race track. We have had no problems with her, she is eating and sleeping well. All in all, she has been great.
Thank You,
Sean and Cindi

We don't think he is getting any bigger than this and we are happy with that. I will send you pictures! He is very much loved!

Subject: Jake
Wanted to let you know that Jake is doing well. He is such a joy. We got him an early Xmas present and he is so pleased.

Subject: arrow
hello marilyn!
I just wanted to let you know that arrow seems to be doing very well in his new home here in burlington. he's eating like a champ!
here's a photo you may enjoy. hope you have a happy holiday season!

Hi and Merry Christmas from me too.
Daisy ("Sprout" - she answers to both names!) was just 17 weeks on Thursday, as you know. Today she weighed in at only 2 ounces shy of THREE pounds! Vet says she is growing beautifully.
She had the second distemper shot this past week, Galaxy, as you asked and the vet had ordered it specially for her, and he will do the rabies in 4 more weeks. He doesn't want to load her up on chemicals. I have a spaying appointment for the end of March, because the vet wants to wait until then. You have to book way ahead with this vet because he is so great. And, he loves her! He says her eyes are great, knees solid and he is very happy with her health.
The first photo is in that little pink polkadot jacket I brought with me to pick her up, if you remember. And, remember she didn't fit in it at all. It was so big she got lost inside. Look at her now. She is just beautiful. Hates the jacket though.
She does everything that Emily does, and they sleep together all the time. They play and run and roll around all day and Daisy is most times the aggressor, even growling at Emily while she is pulling on Emily's chin hairs and trying to drag her around. She pulls on Emily's tail and tries to move her backwards on the slippery floor sometimes too. Emily is such a sweetheart and just lets Daisy do whatever she wants with her. Emily is a much happier dog now too, and I think she was grieving for the Bichon we lost over the summer. All she did before Daisy was to sleep and mope around the house.
Just to point out that they get along so well, Emily will chew on a milkbone and some pieces drop under her chin. Daisy runs over and swipes the pieces and Emily does not even growl. They even eat from the same plate sometimes (although they each have their own) and I never hear any growling at all. I couldn't ask for a better relationship between the two.
So I will keep sending photos if you like to get them, and wish you a great new year. I guess you have more snow than we do over here. Today it is raining and what was left on the ground from the last storm is now just about melted away. NOT complaining!! Only 12 or 14 weeks and we will start getting warmer, maybe.



It's Kaitlin, Haley's mom! I just wanted to tell you Haley just celebrated her 2nd birthday new years eve, and she had a really special day! She got to sleep in till 9:30, a rare treat for the both of us ha ha then she had her breakfast, went and played outside, came in took a nap, then we went to her grammy's store, where she got tons of presents, and we played with her there, then she came home, took another nap, and we played and cuddled the whole day! She is doing great, and she is the best little dog. I'd be lost without her =0). Happy New Year, and I hope your selling lots of puppies! I tell everyone about you!! I have given your contact info to so many people!! There is a picture of Haley attached with santa!
Kaitlin and Haley

I know I owe you pictures and I have not forgotten. I got a new apple computer and am getting it set up on Friday. As soon as I have email I will send you pictures. I just wanted you to know how well Samson is doing. He is adorable. We all love him. He follows me around. He is now a little over 4 pounds and doing extremely well. He has been neutered. He doesn't really like other people or dogs other than my family my mother and her two dogs. He goes over to my mother's house while the kids are in school and she takes care of him. He plays with her sheltie and Maltese (big Maltese that weighs around 10 pounds). My mother's dogs love Samson and are upset if he doesn't come over to play.
Just wanted you to know your little boy is doing really well. I love him so much as do all of us including my husband who claimed he didn't want a dog.
Happy Holidays!

Hi Marilyn,
I just wanted to let you know that Fenway, is doing fantastic! He is such a great dog! He adjusted incredibly well to his new home. He was a little shaky on the
ride home, but once we got him home he settled in right away.
We have already fell in love with him! Not hard to believe I am sure. Fenway is a great dog. He has already gotten used to peeing on the pee pad. He has only had a couple accidents, nothing major. He doesn't whine, or bark. He loves to cuddle with us on the couch.
Thank you so much for giving us this great new addition to our family!
Jaimie and Ryan

Happy New Year, Marilyn!
I hope you are doing well. Sophie & Daisy (your "Bella" & "Lucy") are doing fabulous. Thought I would share these cute pictures of them with you. Enjoy!
Daisy 11 months & Sophie 2 1/2 years Sophie 2 1/2 years
Bedford, NH

Abigail is really doing so well! She's above three pounds and is a positive stitch - plays with our bichon, Mira and seems to be afraid of very little - we're soooooo pleased with her - is sleeping through the night and tells me she's hungry about 6:00 a.m. Gets so excited with playing I hold and hug her about 10:00 a.m. and she falls into a deep sleep with those little eyes closed tightly in seconds. Precious.
question: Marilyn - I'm having a great deal of difficulty with a proper brush to use on her face and neck - she's absolutely terrified of a pin brush - tries to bite it, snarls and goes after it. h e l p!!!!
what about the pet edge catalogue for a soft slicker or a bristle? do I hide her eyes so she can't see it? Sounds a bit stupid on my part, but she really hates it -I don't have trouble brushing that little body.
Any advice you can give would be great.
Hugs from Abigail -

The two of them just love to run and play all day, except for the sleeping times, which are quite often. They run so hard they just fall over asleep. They really get along so well. Chasing is the favorite game, with each one taking turns as the chaser. Lots of growlingbut only from Daisy! Emily (16 pounds!) lets her get away with everything. Daisy is both loveable and aggressive, not to mention very very stubborn. Emily is just a lamb with her.
Hope you are well and that you had a nice holiday.

Happy New Year Marilyn!
We purchased a puppy from you a year and half ago(May '08). Our puppy is named Vinnie; he was part of a litter born on March 17th. Vinnie has been a wonderful addition to our family. My daughters and my husband call Vinnie the little baby boy I never had!!…we are thinking of giving Vinnie a little brother and playmate…and another puppy for all of us too!!
We were wondering if you have any puppies or are taking deposits for your spring litters. I can be reached on my cell; e-mail is good too!
Thank you- we look forward to hearing from you,

Just a few shots she moves faster than the camera can focus, so I have lots of blurry ones. She is doing great, running and playing and even chasing Emily. And Emily just loves her and is playing with her. Daisy chases Emily and it is so comical to watch.
Daisy is eating very well, and I am following your directions. She slept all night the first night in her little round bed right next to my bed on the floor. Last night she woke up two times but I reached down and stroked her and she went back to sleep. She plays and sleeps, equal time.
She had simmered in water chicken breast this morning and loved it. Takes each tiny piece from the dish in the kitchen and brings it to the living room rug to chew. Then right back for another piece and then back to the rug. Very cute.
And she is using the peepad very well. Only two accidents before I started showing her. Now she goes right over to it as soon as she wakes up.
And she knows her name and also when I say "Daisy come" she runs right over to me. Smart little pup. Next command will be "stay." That is how I taught my other pup, along with the hand signals. Emily now obeys just with the hand signals.
First vet appointment I could get is tomorrow at 5pm. Hope that is within your 48 hour window.
I will be in touch and probably send more photos if you want. If I can figure out a Christmas outfit, I will pose her in it for you. Sorry she wouldn't cooperate at your house.
I weighed her Saturday evening when we got home at 1 pound, 11.6 ounces. She has already gained and is 1 pound 12.3 ounces just now at noon. She just fits on the top of the little postal scale I have.
I am so happy I have her.

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