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Hope you are having a great weekend. I was meaning to write for a while now, but something kept coming up.
I wanted to thank you, once again, for my wonderful love Coco. She is doing fabulous and is all grown up now. I know you were worried about her size, but she has been doing very well. The vet says she is very healthy and growing up wonderfully. She is perfect. I love her very deeply and she makes my life a much better one.
Thank you, once again. Let me know if you are ever in Cambridge and want to visit Coco and me.

Thank you so much for your time and expertise today. We were all very happy to see "Chase" and he has adjusted very well here in his new home with all of us. You have done a wonderful job with Chase. He is peeing on his paper, eating and drinking as he should.
Thanks again,
The Sweets

Hi Marilyn
Sorry it took me so long to get back to you, this is the first chance I have gotten to download the pics and email you. She is doing absolutely fantastic, and everyone loves her. Have you heard from the other lady? how is she doing with her sister. I thought sending you a video would help better than pics, it always does for me. We love her and I will definitely keep in touch.
Thanks so much,

I sent out a card with Lacey's certificate of spay and a picture of her I'm sure you'll love. I can't believe that we have had her for a good 3 months already. She has changed so much in that time. She loves to go outside for a walk on her leash,sit on the back deck or just on the grass and enjoy the feel of the wind blowing on her. We take her with us in the car for short trips and everyone says that she is a beautiful dog. Whenever we go to sit on our couch, she seems to think that it is her job to sit on our lap and keep us company, which we happily do. Lacey was recently spayed and did very well. She still weighs 4 lbs. and has about tripled in her size. She is a spunky little girl, always willing to have her underbelly rubbed by anyone who will do it. She gives out this little howl to express her pleasure or dismay about something. Please let me know if you're receiving my e-mails. I look forward to hearing from you very soon.
Hope is all well,

Hi Marilyn,
Here are pictures of both of "Lexy's" baby girl pups born June 1, 2008.
The first and third pictures are of the larger female. The middle picture is of the smaller female, and the one that will be coming home with me!
Thank you for all you do -- you are really a wonderful and caring breeder. Too bad there aren't more like you. I look forward to seeing you and taking home my new puppy on August 9th at 12 noon. If you'd like us to come later, please don't hesitate to let me know.
Best Regards,

Dear Marilyn:
just wanted to forward you a couple of photos of chloe. She is doing well. Very energetic. We are working on training her to pee outside...She is very spoiled and we all love her very much. Thought you might want to know she is well and thriving!!
Take care,
Jen/Old Orchard Beach, Maine

Hi Marilyn,
My mother and I adopted a very sweet female Maltese from you on Saturday. She is just the perfect little baby. We've named her Lola and she seems to like her name. She loves to pose for pictures and play with her toys. Lola is so smart...she figured out the stairs to get up onto the couch in no time. Now she runs right up them and she loves to sit on the couch with us. And she is so good at using her pee-pee pad. At first she had a couple of mistakes, but now she goes all the time on the pad. We're just tickled pink with her.
We just came back from the vet and he was very impressed that she was so clean, healthy, and eating great dog food. He told me that she is in perfect health. We set up an appointment for her to get her next vaccine, and they gave us some Interceptor and Frontline.
When was the last time she had her heartworm and Frontline? (I don't want to give it to her too soon.)
Thanks for such a great pup!

Hi Marilyn
I just wanted to give you a report one week after bringing Katie home to Laconia with us.
She is so sweet and such a fast learner. She had no problem adjusting to her new environment whatsoever. She uses her pee pads religiously and it only took two days to reinforce this with her. Her appetite is very good and she is very playful and loving. She is so well adjusted that she actually spends the nights in the kitchen in her exercise pen which is similar to a large enclosed crate. She has her bed, pads and food and water handy all night. She does not whimper or bark even though she is by herself in the room while we sleep in our bedrooms. The only bad habit she has that I need to work with her to stop is that when she plays she gets excited and wants to bite or nip us instead of her chew toys. I don't know if this is part of puppy hood and teething. Hopefully, this will pass.
We found a pet store in Concord that sells natural foods for pets and they carry the Orijen product from Canada.
She has her first vet appointment on the 10th and I will be bringing your papers so I can have a consultation with the vet so that we are on the same page about boosters and the rabies shot etc.
She loves everybody and nothing scares her. She will be a well adjusted and outgoing dog.
Thank you for doing such a good job socializing her.

Hi Marilyn
I just wanted to drop you a quick line to let you know that Sophie is doing really well and she is such a comfort and pleasure to have. We are taking our time to train her and she is quick to learn. As soon as we have a chance I will sent you pictures of her.
Thank you so much for all you do to bring in the world such good little puppies.

Dear Marilyn,
I thought you might like to know that Benson made the trip to Buffalo and the transition to our home without skipping a beat. He is eating well, active and very sweet. We love him!
Thanks for everything!

Hi Marilyn
Sorry it took me so long to get back to you, this is the first chance I have gotten to download the pics and email you. She is doing absolutely fantastic, and everyone loves her. Have you heard from the other lady? how is she doing with her sister. I thought sending you a video would help better than pics, it always does for me. We love her and I will definitely keep in touch.
Thanks so much,

Dear Kim and Marilyn:
Thought you would enjoy viewing some of these pictures of Caleigh Lyn and Caleb "J". A couple of them were taken with their birthday outfits on. I bought Caleigh Lyn so many beautiful outfits, however, she hates being dressed. You can see how unhappy she is with her clothes on. Caleb "J" on the other hand loves to be dressed and just loves life in general, especially when he is right under me. In one picture he has on his "Birthday Boy" shirt and in another one with Bill he has his army fatiques on that say in the back "Support Our Troops".
I never thought I would ever love any other puppies as much as I loved Doleene Angel and Menyen "J", but as you can tell I am soooooo much in love with them.
Linda, Bill, Caleigh Lyn and Caleb "J"

Hi Marilyn:
Max is doing great, and sends his love! He is so loving, playful and loyal. He is such a joy to everyone. Attached are a few pictures.

Hi there!
This is Kaitlin, Haley's Mom ( from the dog store in west boylston) She is doing so well. She is laying on my bed sleeping right now =) I wanted to let you know we watched your pups on dogs 101, and haley did to! It was so exciting to see them. We immediately knew which ones were yours. They were all so cute! Haley's 1st birthday is coming up in a couple days, I am so excited, but I really can't believe it's already been a year. Its been a wonderful year, waking up every morning to that sweet little face. She has brought me so much joy this past year. It was so good seeing you at the dogtoberfest. Thank you again for my little sweetheart. I will never get my puppies from anyone else. Best wishes for 2009!
Kaitlin and Haley

Hi Marilyn!
We have named him Brody....and he is doing great! He had his first vet appointment two weeks ago and he has another one tomorrow morning. I will let you know how much he weighs. He is such a snuggler and cuddler and definitely does not want to be left alone for even a minute. He cries when I leave the room. His potty training is coming along nicely. Since it has been cold outside, we are training him on the pads inside. We will eventually train him to go outside. He loves to play. He plays then sleeps. He is just so gorgeous and sweet! Thank you..thank you!
I will write you tomorrow to let you know how he did.
Ciao and Happy New Year!

To: <>
Hi Marilyn,
My name is Cheryl and I purchased a Maltese from you this past July. Attached is a picture of our Gabbie and she has been amazing and a true joy. We were hoping to add another puppy to our family and a sister for Gabbie! This time we would love a female Yorkie sometime early spring (April/May 2009). Would you have any Yorkies available? Thanks for your help!

Subject: Re: Paris' Little Boy
Brody now weighs 1 pound 12.5 ounces.....he is doing great...what a personality.... and he loves everybody. He is in a very playful, hopping around, nipping stage right cute!! He definitely feels like this is his domain now...we love watching him walk!

Dear Marilyn,
we just wanted to say Thank you so much for our beautiful new member of our family! We named her Lily and she is soo adorable.!! We love her so much and she makes us laugh. So Thanks again.... she is a joy and she's doing great! She has adjusted so well to our family... I feel like we have had her forever...
Thanks again
The Family, Plaistow NH

Hi Marilyn,
It was one year ago last week we picked up our little yorkie, Fenway from you. I just wanted to let you know how good he’s doing and send you a couple of updated pictures of him. I hope all is well with you.
Do you plan on breeding your yorkie again? I get asked so many times where we got Fenway from. I’ll keep in touch & send you more pictures down the road. Thank you.

Hi Marilyn,
Hope all is well with you. Sage and I continue to have a wonderful life together. We are off from Harvard and exploring the United States. Next week we will spend our first time apart. Since I adopted him we have not spent a night apart, so this will be a challenge for me, but I am interviewing a number of individuals who might be able to care for him while I am in Hawaii. He continues to be Mr. Personality and is loved by every dog and person he meets.
I am writing now to see if you might be able to send me some pictures of the maltese puppies that you currently have available. My friend in Boston is considering adopting a maltese. We looked at Toby from your website, but my guess is that he is no longer available. I would love for my friend to have some idea of what puppies might be possible to adopt.
Thanks so much for any information that you might be able to send.
All my best,

This is Jazz. Getting more adorable everyday.
Hi Marilyn,
We just got back from the vet. She did awesome! Stool checked all clear and she is scheduled for her shot the second week in April. She is 2 pounds. The vet does want to know the dose she had for the first 2 shots (he thought she was a bit young for 2 but I told him I thought you did 1/2 dose, so I just need to confirm her shots before the next visit)
Also just checking to make sure you received my last email for John regarding FortDodge
Thanks and hope all is well, I know you are very busy.
ps....pretty sure we got the best puppy in the world :)
We went through so much with Mia and having Leah so healthy and all going well is so exciting for me, I love her so much!

Morning Marilyn,
We just wanted to let you know Leah did great last night. She played most of the night and then we went to bed at 9:00 and she did not wake up until this am at 5:30. We must have really of tired her out.
John asked me to email you for the information you have for him.
Hope all went well yesterday for you, you were very, very busy!

Subject: Sophie's first time on a leash
Hi Marilyn,
Sophie had a big day today and did great with everything!
She had her first vet visit and her rabies shot. Sierra (my stepdaughter) and I gave her a bath and I brought her out on my deck on a leash. She loved it and didn't want to come back in!
She is such a sweetheart. Feel free to post any of the pictures or videos on your site and when things calm down a bit, I'm going to send a testimonial to put on the site too.
Hope you're doing better and not so stressed. Take some deep breaths!!
Speak to you soon,

Jasper is now 14 weeks old and is the love of our life. We adore him, as he does us. Jack our 9 year old Lab and Jasper have become best of friends, and also protect each other quite well. It is hilarious to watch them play, and just too darn cute to see them snuggle.
Jasper is with me almost 24/7. He loves car rides in his crate, he walks well and training is going smoothly. He is friendly, outgoing but not hyper,
Adjusts very well to all environments I’ve brought him too. He loves all other dogs, but at this point is only allowed to be with our friends pets, as he has not yet has his rabies shots. So he is not yet ready to adventure into doggie parks, or beaches with unknown dogs.
For a while he would come outdoors with us, without a leash and never wander. However, this had to change not because he misbehaved or wandered but because I spotted a Bob Cat watching us from a very short distance. So now unfortunately he is not allowed outside without a short leash and is not allowed in the back yard at all. The Bob Cat was seen 4 times in a week and that was more than enough to scare the hell out of me for Jaspers well being. So while in Florida he will always have to be on a leash until the Cat is captured. At the moment Richard is throwing the ball for him, and he already knows how to fetch and bring back to us for more. He is an amazing dog.
Our Lab is such an amazing well behaved dog we never thought we would or could possibly find another dog with the same personality. Well, Jasper is it, he is the small version of our lab. And soon will be the gentleman that jack has become.
The funniest thing about our new dog is he appears to be part kitty (chasing strings and cat toys) part bunny (jumps with great height and length)
And of course part dog that is training very well.
He very well could follow his father’s skills in agility and his Moms with obedience. He is just super!!!!! Not to mention the most beautiful puppy in the world……….; -)
Thanks for letting us be the adopting family for this great dog.

Hi Marilyn,
I have been meaning to write you and let you know what a joy my little Miss Mae is. I feel like I won the pup lottery. She is the dearest, sweetest little angel and I love her so much. As I write, she is sleeping next to me on the couch.
I thought I would send along a few photos of her that have been taken. She just recently got her first 'professional' grooming and her hair is much shorter--but she is just a doll. So here are some photos from the holidays and a bit after. I need to take some new ones but hopefully they will show you how happy and loved she is.
My best,

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